Our Mission:

Educate & Empower


If just one person learns about early cancer detection in pets and shares that information with just two other people, and they continue that trend, can you imagine just how many people will be empowered with knowledge that may someday save their pets’ lives?
— Kyle Ann Stevenson, DVM

Mission Statement

Paws4Potter is a 501-c3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to raise awareness for pet cancer in local and regional communities of upstate NY, to provide people with the tools that they need to detect cancer earlier in their pets, and to help people understand that pet cancer is not necessarily a death sentence.  Paws4Potter also raises money for the National Canine Cancer Foundation through fundraisers and donations.

In the future, Paws4Potter hopes to broaden its mission statement to include communities throughout the USA.




Our Impact

Since its inception, Paws4Potter - with the gracious help of local and regional communities in upstate NY - has raised over $20,000 for the National Canine Cancer Foundation alone.

Paws4Potter has hosted pet cancer awareness events with Dr Sue Cancer Vet in Watertown, NY (Hilton Garden Inn) and Verona, NY (Turning Stone Resort Casino), entitled "Live Longer, Live Well - Early Cancer Detection In Pets".  It has also hosted continuing education events for veterinary professionals with Dr Sue Cancer Vet after both of the aforementioned public events.

Paws4Potter has hosted a pet cancer awareness event with Dr. Seth Glasser in Watertown, NY (Hilton Garden Inn), entitled "Cancer Can't Keep A Good Pet Down."

Paws4Potter hosts several fundraising events throughout the year, the fundraising dollars from which go to both the National Canine Cancer Foundation and Paws4Potter.



thousand Dollars Raised

. . . for the National Canine Cancer Foundation.



Years Serving the local and regional communities of upstate new york

. . . bringing pet cancer awareness events to the general public.



number of dogs and cats benefitted

. . . from the education that their pet parents receive about pet cancer.


Our Team

Paws4Potter would not be able to function without the help of several members of our local and regional communities, along with a few integral people in distant areas.

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“Imagine being a veterinarian and not being able to help your beloved pet,” Dr. Stevenson said in response to emailed questions.

“It was the most devastating and humbling experience that I have ever been through.” - Chris Brock (Watertown Daily Times)

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Get Involved

1/3 of all dogs and 1/4 of all cats will develop some form of cancer in their lifetimes.  50% of those will die from that cancer.  What can you do to help reduce these statistics?


Allow Yourself to be educated

Join us at one of our education events!  Take the knowledge that you gain and share it with two other people and ask them to do the same!

Seek Veterinary Care When needed

If you notice one of the top 10 warning signs of cancer in your pet, make sure to have him/her evaluated by your veterinarian.  Hopefully, the symptoms will be indicative of something else, but it's best to have things checked out.

Make a Donation

Consider making a donation to the National Canine Cancer Foundation (which helps to fund research grants to several canine cancer studies all over the country) or to Paws4Potter (which helps to educate the general public about pet cancer).


Are you ready to be your pet's hero?