NNY Pet Loss Support


While not technically part of Paws4Potter's mission statement, Northern New York (NNY) Pet Loss Support is featured on the official Paws4Potter website because it is moderated by Kyle Ann Stevenson, DVM (the founder and president of Paws4Potter).

The goal of NNY Pet Loss Support is to provide a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental environment for those pet parents in need of emotional support after having lost a beloved pet.  It also acknowledges the extremely difficult feelings those of us go through when dealing with the anticipated loss of a beloved pet.  

There are few support groups in the upstate NY region that cater to people's feelings over the loss of dearly beloved pets.  This particular support group currently meets at The Animal Doctors (1631 State Street; Watertown, NY 13601) once monthly to allow participating individuals the chance to share their personal stories, concerns, feelings, and doubts in relation to their losses.  

This pet loss support group is moderated by Kyle Ann Stevenson, DVM (of The Animal Doctors) and Megan McRae, Psy.D. (of Rubenzahl, Knudsen, and Associates Psychological Services, P.C.).

Kyle received her certification for pet loss and bereavement counseling through the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement earlier in 2018.

If you are interested in attending one of our meetings or wish to learn more information about NNY Pet Loss Support, please email us at paws4potter@gmail.com.  We also have a closed Facebook group that you can request an invitation to.  This group is meant to provide additional support to those individuals in need of more continuous support.  


"We have the most unique and selfless gift of bestowing peace to our faithful sidekicks when they need it the most.  Even though loving them comes with a great price at the end of their lives, most of us endure this price, for the love that we receive from them is nothing short of unconditional."

- Kyle Ann Stevenson, DVM